Saturday, 12 March 2016

Donald Trump - Making America Grate Again.

We tend to be a little perplexed over the Big Ol’ Duck Pond, at the goings on at the race for the presidency. To give any one person such power in the world’s biggest economy and no1 superpower seems a little worrying. Americans seem to have two choices: the nice candidate who pretends to care about ordinary people, and the bonkers one who seems to hear the beat of his own drum.

I’m saying, that Trump definitely is in the latter camp here. Quite frankly I don’t think he is nuts, not by a long chalk. Not even deranged. But whether he is saying what many Americans think is open to question. Obviously some agree with his views. Building a wall along the Mexican/Texas border, and making the Mexicans pay for it seemed popular in some quarters, but probably not Mexico. I wish you the best of luck with that, Donald. Perhaps you could pay for that wall instead, seeing as you’re richer than most oil sheikhs?? It’s not even that I don’t think he has no right to air such opinions, but they are the sort of things that people who frequent bars tend to air to nobody in particular when they’ve had a few ‘sherbets’, not the sort of thing hopeful presidential incumbents should be saying. How high will the wall be? 10 feet? Hmmm, I suspect the more enterprising Mexicans will be able to work out a solution to that. 12 foot ladders, perhaps? Oh, and the fact that by keeping immigration illegal, businesses stateside have a plentiful supply of cheap labour that will do almost anything, live in almost any slum and accept awful pay just to get a foot in the door. So everybody wins!!! Those for and against immigration. Democracy in action.

In Britain at the moment, our democracy has descended again into a sort of privately educated posh rich boy aristocracy, with the underlining unspoken assumption that such folk have the perfect right to run things, being descended from some dead aristocrat that nobody cares about or remembers, and that such things matter. In America, they have merrily done away with such things, and so any ordinary regular billionaire on the street, or someone backed by billions of dollars, can democratically run for the presidency. Thank goodness our respective political systems are not corrupt or lop sided in any way, or we’d all really be in trouble. People might get the crazy idea that democracy is democracy in name only. How silly it would be to think such a thing.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Now, if this post ever goes viral, or gets more than the usual 20 or so hits such posts as this get, I will appeal to all Americans to think kindly on me. Because....  (deep breath) ... If this post angers Trump fans and they vote for him in spite of me and all I stand for, you can thank me in no small part for his election. However, if this post helps people vote for anyone else other than Mr’s Trump’s fave son, then all those who didn’t want him as president can thank me. So, whether Big Donnie wins or not, it’s a win win for me. And that’s the kind of democracy I like.