Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Trapped In Me

Trapped in me,

Words are not enough

to explain the bittersweet emptiness I feel.

I have no friends near, no one understands… may never understand

what it’s like to be trapped in me.

My greatest gift, and my worst curse is simply to be me, and no one else,

and no one else can understand what it feels like to be me.


I journey strange voyages alone… I can’t get anyone to come along.

But then, why would they?

I’m a man, or so I think.

That’s what I am supposed to be.


Loss, pain, success, thrills, glory, tears, laughs...

To everything turn, and turn again.


I’m not a poet,

and nor would I pretend to be.

I’m just trapped...

in me.

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